Injunction Keeps Song From Being Used By Elementary School

Seriously, in what world did these teachers think it was okay for these kids to sing that song? Perhaps they should teach at a parochial school if that’s what they want to do. I’m glad the judge ruled the way he did and that the song isn’t going to be sung. Separation, people... separation.

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Wow, a good sensible decision in this area. What is this country coming to?
Well, it's St. Augustine, not Tallahassee (where apparently no one told them that the Civil War is over, and that the north won).
Now, if they'd just stop making the kids sing "God Bless America" and other songs that belong in churches, not public schools. And quit singing that song along with the National Anthem at baseball games!

A sidenote: the church I attended when I was a child did _not_ want me singing religious songs nor praying in school. They had a shit fit over the "grace" we used to sing before eating in Girl Scouts! Why? Because the kids I was with might be praying to the wrong god! I am not making this up.




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