Finnish free-thinkers offered porn magazines in exchange for holy books.

Today, 4th of June 2010, Finnish free thinkers made a statement by exchanging porn magazines for holy literature.
In the Helsinki city central everyone willing was able to change his/her bible, koran or any other piece of religious literature for a copy of Hustler. The event was free-thinkers' critique against sex-adversary religions, Christianity and Islam in particular.
"The world would be a more relaxed place, if religious books were replaced by pornography", said the free-thinkers.

Unfortunately the event caused two women to file for a police investigation, referring to laws about public decency and peace of religion.

I couldn't find an article in English to share, but here is a blog featuring the event and an article in Finnish.

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I only disagree with the Finnish ladies' choice of porn. "Hustler" is trash, and this coming from a former employee of Larry Flynt. (I worked for him for about six months when he bought the American rights to a popular French men's magazine, "Chic." Unfortunately, Larry thought it was pronounced "chick" and turned it into another "Hustler." Go figure.) Would that they had handed out X-rated porn, but I guess that might have been more expensive.
I agree that Hustler is a poor choice. I think it would have been better to hand out copies of a modern treatment of the Kama Sutra or The Joy of Sex or something along those lines.
I like that Danish brewery's idea instead. They sell "godless" beer and donate a kroner from each bottle sold to the Danish Atheist Society.
There's plenty of sex in the Bible already. What's missing is illustrations.
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Good on them and there should be more of this. It originated in Texas where it is now an annual event.
Yes, it's not the first time we've had such imitation here in Finland. The London bus advert was another example - awhile back, for instance, we had a copy of that over here, starting in Tampere. Christians tried to block the bus advert but the chief of police said "it's not illegal, so the fact you want to ´censor it means I am going to make damn sure it goes ahead" (I like this fellow lol!)

Though I agree that the Kama Sutra or Joy of Sex would be even better. Exchange a book full of unhealthy sexual advice for one with healthy sexual advice.
I believe the joice of porn they handed out, depended highly on sponsorship. I'm sure they would have happily chosen Kama Sutra, if someone had provided them with piles of such books.
I cant believe i missed that...
But i think i would be happier to trade a bible for a chocolate or a box of ice cream.
Chocolate is nice of course, but not educational like porn.




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