First Secular advocacy group in US opens its first state affiliate in AZ

The Secular Coalition for America now has its first state affiliate, the Secular Coalition for Arizona.


From their mission statement:


The Secular Coalition for Arizona lobbys, educates and influences elected officials and bodies in and from the state of Arizona regarding issues important to the nontheistic community.


They're having their "kick-off" meeting on Oct. 12th, and they have two "special guests," one of whom is an elected state representive who's a nontheist!


More here.



Sean Faircloth and Kyrsten Sinema



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Gotta wonder if they'll be so tolerated once they start making trouble over AZ's 'traditional' view of equality policy.

Admitting you hate Jesus is bad enough, but they better not start being sensible toward darkie rights!

Or human rights for immigrants!
Here in Arizona, we are often treated with contempt by stray dogs. We know we're not alone in this, but when people think of a heavily religious city, they think of Salt Lake or some other place in the south - not Phoenix. We're tired of being told to sit down and shut up, so we've decided to step into the ring.


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