Lord Birt said the BBC must “loosen the stranglehold” of established religious organisations and “embrace” the humanist movement.

He spoke in debate held in the Moses Room at the House of Lords on the eve of the BBC Trust’s deliberations on whether to allow non-religious contributors to the Today programme’s religious slot.


The only radio show I can think of is Freethought Radio on Air America.

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Minnesota Atheists had a show in their local market not long ago, but I think they went off the air. I picked them up on podcasts. To me, podcasts are the new radio.
There's definitely plenty of quality podcasts to choose from. The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe (more of a science program, not so much out-right atheist or humanist) may be a good choice, especially now that one of the panel members (Rebecca Watson) lives in London.
CFI also has a podcast. Reasonable Doubts is also a good podcast.
I personally really like the Non-Prophets, the Atheist Experience and of course Chariots of Iron/ Atheist News. Those might be a wee bit harsh for a general audience though...
So many pods, so little time.
Wisdom is wisdom, isn't it? Why aren't there simply "Thoughts For the Day" that welcome any wise, inspiring message without seeking to convert (to anything but reason and goodness, compassion, etc)?
There you go, thinking logically!





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