Former Minnesota Governor, Conspiracy Nut and Atheist on Wikileaks and Michelle Bachmann

Wrestler-turned-governor-turned-TV star Jesse Ventura speaks out on his conspiracy theories, Michelle Bachmann and never holding public office again due to his coming out as an atheist.

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The url in the link is doubled, you might want to try this
Fixed. Thanks.

Jesse Ventura is the man!

Wow! I used to work as a sales rep for the Reily Coffee Company in New Orleans.  I didn't know it was a front for the CIA.

It's unfortunate that he comes off as slightly nuts because I agree with a lot he has to say.

Is he nuts or just more informed than the masses of sheep? If forced to chose I pick the latter.
I didn't say he was nuts, I said he comes of as slightly nuts because of his 911 conspiracy theory.  I personally like him a lot.
I dunno, guys.  I've seen bits of his TV show.  I think any accuracy on his part is incidental.
I have a hard time taking Jesse Ventura seriously. It's just too much trouble to sort out the wheat from the chafe.
Agreed. He's a little too credulous. Paranoia and narcissism are two sides of a very thin coin.
"They're trying to kill ME!"




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