Fraud in the Church Takes Heavy Toll on Congregation, Insurers

I'm shocked to learn this!

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From the article:
"Insurance fraud was his spiritual calling, the Chicago minister insisted. 'I let the Lord lead me and this is the way He instructed me,' Gray said."
Insurance schemes by ministers exact a large toll on congregations who are betrayed by spiritual leaders in a high position of trust. Worshippers' spiritual and personal lives are disrupted. They're forced to piece together a damaged congregation when a church burns or the minister suddenly leaves after being exposed as an unholy insurance crook. Sometimes worshippers or bystanders themselves are fleeced out of thousands of dollars.

Hmmmmmm, let's see. The whole idea of "church" is based upon the fraudulent idea that there is a magic man in the sky who watches every move you do. Then they put in place a priest/mininster/ spiritual leader who fraudulently tells people what the rules of this invisible magic man are. If you break those rules, you'll go to a made up fraudulent place after you die where you'll burn. Then, they defraud their sheep (flock) out of 10% of their money by telling them it's the magic man's rules to "tithe" by giving their hard earned income to the frauds. If the rubes give the money, it's one way to buy their way into a made up fraudulent happy place after they die. All of these rules were fraudulently made by other frauds.

You now tell me there's fraud in the church? I'm shocked, I tell you! Shocked!!!!



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