Westboro does it again:


I am all for freedom of speech but really this is an invasion of privacy and not only distasteful, it is inhumane and disgusting.

You know, there are some creatures on this Earth that could really do with being hit with the extinction stick - and I vote the Westboro's go first.

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I think it's fantastic.  They're not in the realm of connecting cause to effect by even the slimmest of tethers.  This just makes them and other psycho, fundamentalist Christians look even worse, in the public eye.  They're helping the push towards anti-religion in this country as much as Harris and Dawkins.

I agree. The Westboro Baptists serve a useful function reminding people where the craziness comes from.

I agree too (oh, we all agree, lets have a group hug).  Seriously, these trolls give religion in general and Baptistism in particular such a bad name, they are bound to turn some people away from religion.  The rest will vote for Santorum.

I'm still waiting for Phelps & Co. to protest a Hell's Angels funeral.  I would honestly buy a ticket to watch the fallout from THAT one!

Me too Loren.  Sounds awesome!

I just read in a story that local bike clubs will rally around the service to stop the Bapo's. I understand that these idiots are shooting themselves in the foot whenever they do this crap, but at the expense of the family mourning over their loved ones? Especially kids. It is not the place. I am incensed by this.

I would like to get in touch with the SEAL team that took out bin laden. I have a job for them....

God hates figs, not fags. You read it wrong your morons!

This is where your faith belongs you shit heads.

Obviously, I can't stand these people either.  I had a student once, a couple semesters ago, lovely girl, hated gay people and said they should all kill themselves, plus she was a veteran.  She said, if the Westboro folks came to protest a funeral of a military person she knew, she'd be up on the church roof with a rifle.  While I empathize tremendously, she scared me a bit.  I probably shouldn't have quipped anything about her dressing up like the Punisher.


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