It would seem as though the USPS was interested in honoring the memory of Mother Teresa with a commemorative stamp until the FFRF caught wind of it.  Much as theists may protest, the FFRF has a point, right in the Postal Service's own criteria for issuance of new stamps:

"Stamps or stationery items shall not be issued to honor religious institutions or individuals whose principal achievements are associated with religious undertakings or beliefs.";

Article here.

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When I read the title, I thought the FFRF were being jerks and that we shouldn't care about who's on a stamp.

But if the statement about no religious icons is true, then nevermind, kill this stamp.

Rule of inconvenient for the religionists, isn't it?
Mother Teresa was a huge bitch that thought she was a real fuckin' sweetheart. The FFRF are not being jerks. They are being right. Again.
Mother Teresa was a huge bitch that thought she was a real fuckin' sweetheart.

Honestly, I find that irrelevant to the case. The only issue is whether or religious icons are allowed. If they aren't, then Mother Teresa should not be on a stamp.
I was editorializing, but I assure you that I know WHY there should not be a Mother Teresa stamp. Thanks.
Religious icons are allowed on stamps. Usually they get away with it by calling it art. Every year they issue religious-themed Christmas stamps with Mary, Baby Jesus, etc., on them. Religious persons such as Father Junipero Serra (who established the California missions) and Father Flanagan (founder of Boy's Town), and even rabbis like Bernard Revel have frequently appeared on US stamps. Did they all fit USPS's stated criterion? I dunno.
I would be interested in:

1. When the criteria I listed in the OP was written and
2. When the stamps you mentioned were issued.

No doubt there is some fast and loose playing going on. Worthy of note is that the USPS has been independent of the federal government since the early 1980's (source: Wikipedia), and it may be that it can print whatever it so pleases. However, in light of those above-listed criteria, if they wish to violate their own standards of operation ...
"Oh, but EVERYONE likes Mother Teresa, don't they?" I can just HEAR the theists crying ... theists who haven't read Hitchens or Dawkins!
Her career as village idiot was ruined joining a convent.
I doubt she would have made it as a pole dancer ... tsk.
I'm personally not too torn up about it..... the gub'ment has never followed any rules before, so I don't see why they should be expected to start now. :)

A stamp is FAR from the biggest thing we have to worry about.
I'm not sure I understand why the USPS would even want to have Mother Teresa on a stamp? What has she contributed to the country?




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