The following is an article from The Jewish Star: A fundamentalist church from Topeka, Kansas plans protests at Jewish locations in Great Neck, Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan for three days beginning Thursday, September 24th.

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“That’s what it says. I just go by the words, hon, and I know that God is true and man is a liar,” Phelps-Roper (Fred Phelps' daughter) said.

The rabbi has it right--ignore them and let them make fools of themselves.

I was thinking of going down there myself, to ignore them...
Gah, they know how to travel? *sigh*

They WILL make fools of themselves. Too bad I'm not within range anymore, or I'd go up there just to watch the spectacle. Damn near everyone knows Westboro is full of rabid crazies that even the fundamentalists don't mix with.




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