Religions are awful in lots of ways, but they can also bring some colour (and surrealism) in our world.

"More than 250 people in northern Bangladesh have attended a wedding ceremony between two frogs as part of a ritual to bring rain to the parched region, a newspaper said yesterday. The "bride" and "groom" came from two neighbouring villages of the capital Dhaka, according to the Bengali paper Jugantor. Villagers organized the wedding ceremony because the region was suffering a water shortage as it waited for monsoon rains to arrive, according to school teacher Noor Mohammad Kalon, who was a guest on behalf of the groom. "The bride and groom were in special wedding dress," the teacher, 42, said. "We blessed them in the ceremony and released them in a nearby pond afterwards. Last night there was rain. I believe it was because of the wedding.""


Here's a
video. I think they look cute, don't they?

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I wonder if it *hadn't* rained, what explanation would have been proffered? Not the right frogs, perhaps? Or lack of faith among the wedding guests? Glad they're getting much needed rain, whatever their rational behind it.
The girl frog hadn't remained pure for her wedding night. It's sad that she went to one party as a teenager and got a little tipsy and the alpha frog tricked her out of her dress. She was like, "Not yet, Todd" and he was like, "But I love you" and she was like, "OK, just a little bit" and she ruined it for her whole village. Kids just don't think how their actions could affect their whole lives. It's sad really.

That's what I would think if it hadn't rained, but that's just me.
Sounds good to me.




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