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I don't have television, but just discovered that I can watch Frontline online at :D
"We Americans are persistently religious. We are incurably religious."
-- from the trailer

I do sincerely hope NOT.

It is amazing to consider how the original immigrants came to the "new world" to supposedly either perfect their religions or practice them without the old world interference, only to create new hierarchies and strictures as bad or worse as those they left behind.

What is the worst part of all is that they fail to recognize that separating church and state is the means for ALL to practice their faith as they wish or not to practice at all, and that the second the state favors one religion over others is the beginning of the end not just of religious freedom but potentially ALL freedoms.
Loren, I agree with your observations and comments.

In their smugness, Christians take it for granted that they'll always be the religious majority. They're blind to the real possibility that the same religious "rights" they feel entitled to will some day be extended to any other religion that whines as loudly as they do. If they were smart, and wanted to insure the future of their own religious freedoms, they'd be on the front lines to support the separation of church and state.

I'm curious as to how Frontline will present this.... it's a difficult topic to present totally objectively. I hope we're not too disappointed.
One of their documentaries on the first couple centuries of Christian/church history was instrumental in finally bringing me out of the Atheistic closet years ago. Frontline tends to do some damn good documentaries!
That's certainly encouraging!
God in America Trailer?

Funny, a word association went through my mind on reading that. Something about why so many of the godly living in trailer parks...




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