This is what happens when faith is regarded as a virtue and critical thinking as an unnecessary luxury. This particular atrocity took place in Northern California. (More here)

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This one is really, really bothering me in so many ways, it's hard to organize my thoughts, I have so many questions. The level of brutality is...well, unspeakable. I wonder if they would have been allowed access to children not their own if they weren't religious? Did they get the default good citizen brownie point for claiming piety? Is it more difficult for atheist couples to adopt? Makes me think of a new angle & level of possible darkness surrounding those Baptists taking children out of Haiti. I don't know alot about the adoption process, and I'd be really curious to know if their religiosity was regarded as plus point when placing these children. Who placed them? Why was there no oversight or follow ups to check on the girls, especially given the fact that they were to be home schooled? Several dozen supporters at the arraignment??? WTF? I'm heartsick and infuriated!


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