Gallup poll indicates 7 of 10 Americans see religion losing influence

January 14. A new Gallup poll released today shows a near-record 70% of Americans believe religion is losing its influence on American life. 2,048 adults across the country were asked, "At the present time, do you think religion as a whole is increasing its influence on American life or losing its influence?" The other results were that 25% said it was increasing and 2% said it was about the same. The possible margin of error is + or - 3%.


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It would be nice to think that the noise we hear is a death rattle. Do you agree with the poll results? Is the hysteria on the right a symptom of a fear or recognition of losing power?

It would be nice to think that this reflects a recognition that religion is losing its influence.  However, it is probable that it is the answer given by the very religious who think that anything less than a theocracy is "losing influence" and see it as a call to increased effort to convert the rest of the population.


Yes, that's another explanation. We'll have to watch the trend lines. They certainly seem to have had increased political clout lately. They may have overreached, it seems fragile to me. I could see a new generation rejecting the Palin-Beck BS.


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