From that last bastion of family values, the AFA, comes a tale of gay cookies and moral turpitude. "Just Cookies" bakery shop owner David Stockton felt that making cookies for gays and lesbians to eat would "not set a good example for his two daughters." He refused to fill the order for rainbow cookies, and now he faces eviction from the city-run market where he has plied his wares for over 20 years.

To make rainbow cookies to would provide "a microphone for homosexuals to celebrate their lifestyle."

Really? A microphone? A rainbow cookie is a microphone?

If I lived in Indianapolis, I think I'd go down to the shop and ask for a dozen cookies with the "Scarlet A" symbol on them, or a set of trilobite cookies for Darwin Day. He should change his shop's name from "Just Cookies" to "Just Straight Christian Cookies". Anything else is false advertising.

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Because, obviously, rainbow cookies are ONLY for gay pride.
Because, obviously, rainbow cookies are ONLY for gay pride.

The article mentions his two daughters.

Little girls usually love rainbows.

I wonder if this presents a dilemma for him? How does one distinguish a straight, godly rainbow sent as a promise to Noah and apology for brutally murdering every living thing on the planet, from an ungodly, gay rainbow?

And I still want my gay cookie dammit.
His daughters could not be reached for comment. They were in the pantry making out with each other.
I wonder what really makes a cookie gay? More fruit? Blue cookies next to blue cookies and pink cookies next to pink cookies?

First, gay cookies. Next, global anarchy.

Now I'm hungry. I totally want a gay cookie.
Yeah I mean cookies with guys swordfighting...that might be kinda gay, but otherwise it's hard to make a cookie unambiguously gay.

Well, my gay friend did make a birthday cake from a cock-shaped mold...
Well, my gay friend did make a birthday cake from a cock-shaped mold...

The first bachelorette party I attended we each got a chocolate dick-on-a-stick. Yum!
Man, now I gotta bake...
Man, now I gotta bake...

When you do, put an icing rainbow on it and let us know if it turns you gay.
Holy crap - I soooo want one of those stamps!
Thanks! I shall!

Anyone get a load of the poll?

What does this story about an Indianapolis bakery most clearly demonstrate to you about the current culture? (related article)

1. Radical homosexual activists demand tolerance but seldom display it themselves
2. Communities are moving further and further away from encouraging traditional values
3. Business owners risk their livelihood by trying to live out their moral values
Hmm, no, this story doesn't demonstrate any of that to me. Let's think of an option 4...


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