From that last bastion of family values, the AFA, comes a tale of gay cookies and moral turpitude. "Just Cookies" bakery shop owner David Stockton felt that making cookies for gays and lesbians to eat would "not set a good example for his two daughters." He refused to fill the order for rainbow cookies, and now he faces eviction from the city-run market where he has plied his wares for over 20 years.

To make rainbow cookies to would provide "a microphone for homosexuals to celebrate their lifestyle."

Really? A microphone? A rainbow cookie is a microphone?

If I lived in Indianapolis, I think I'd go down to the shop and ask for a dozen cookies with the "Scarlet A" symbol on them, or a set of trilobite cookies for Darwin Day. He should change his shop's name from "Just Cookies" to "Just Straight Christian Cookies". Anything else is false advertising.

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I have a gay friend who would look at those beautiful cookies and cry...

unless they were sugar-free. He's diabetic.
Well, you could easily make them sugarfree. But if you're allergic to food coloring, you're SOL.
@ Prog Rock Girl - AAAAHHHHH!!!!! Work of the devil I tell ya! I tried to avert my eyes but accidentally caught a glimpse of your plate of evil rainbow cookies and now I am hopelessly gay! Can not resist the power of the rainbow cookie!!!
Cussing like a pirate in a deep burly voice makes you my kind of gay, big guy. Now smile and have a cookie!
I've read and re-read that article and this one critical detail has been distressingly vague.

Is he being evicted directly because he refused to fill the order?

Or is he being evicted because people aren't buying cookies from him as a result of not filling out the order?

Whoever wrote that article should be fucking fired from his job.
Hi Louis -

The article Big Blue Frog posted here in the OP is from a conservative Christian website, so I doubt they even understand what ethics in journalism means, much less feel obligated to adhere to them.

Doing a quick google search, it looks like there is a city ordinance against discrimination, including based on sexual orientation.

Goes to the Rand Paul/Libertarian flap about the big bad government dictating to mom and pop shops who they can and can't serve as customers. I say as long as you're getting tax credits from the big bad government and being listed as an approved, legal business, then you abide by the laws.
Oh, the AFA are the worst at leaving out incriminating evidence or cherry picking to support their "world view." Journalists they are not. I hesitate to even use the word "pundit." More like propagandists. Still, I subscribe to their email list so I can keep up with what the Funda-gelicals are currently up in arms over.
I think it's also the kind of thing where the damage done by saying that businesses can discriminate outweighs the "freedom" that businesses would have from discriminating.
And I know we have all been joking about cookies, myself included; but it was apparently an order for cupcakes...

Well that changes everything because cupcakes are just plain gay to begin with.

Seriously though - I too had originally read cupcakes. Apparently, the AFA are such shitty journalists they can't even get that bit straight (pun fully intended).
Well, it wouldn't be the first time they messed up some key piece of evidence in a story.
Well that changes everything because cupcakes are just plain gay to begin with.

My friend (jokingly) has categorized all foods as "gay" nor "not gay". I'm pretty sure he'd list cupcakes as "gay", but I'll have to ask him!
I'd love to see that list! LOL Does he have any theories about whether the gay foods cause "the gay"?




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