Woooooooooooooo!!!!! It's 4am in the mornign and our parliment has just approved gay marriage. There's no english speaking newswire with the news yet, so here's some 'old' article about the debate:

Argentina's Senate debates gay marriage law

Pro-gay marriage rally outside Argentinian congress
Supporters of the law gathered outside
congress as the debate continued

Argentina's Senate is debating a proposal to legalise gay marriage.

The country's Chamber of Deputies has already approved same-sex marriage and has now sent the legislation to the Senate for approval.

The law, which would also allow same-sex couples to adopt, has met with fierce opposition from the Catholic Church and other religious groups.

Thousands protested outside Congress as debates took place inside.

Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/10630683

We're the 1st country in America to legalize gay marriage and the 10th in the world.

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That's awesome news, way to go ^^ it will never happen here in Italy...
That's what they said about abortion in Italy, and it IS now legal! If THAT can happen...!
Funny you should say that, the current leadership would very much like to make it illegal once more :P
Another defeat for the Catholic church...gotta like that! Congrats, let's hope other countries in the Americas soon follow suit.
Congratulations to Argentinians! Let freedom ring!




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