I read this in the German magazine "Spiegel" (Mirror): a family from southern Germany claims religious prosecution as German law forbids home schooling.
http://www.spiegel.de/panorama/gesellschaft/0,1518,674260,00.html#r... (this one's in German, and this one here's from the NY Post)

The Romeikes (Roh-my-kees) claim their flight to the USA with the deterioration of the German school system and specially its lack of Christian Values.

Great. And in Bavaria they still have crucifixes on the wall in public schools.

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In the words of Adam Savage, "Well tharr's yerr prablum."

"I reject your reality and substitute my own!"

I *heart* Adam Savage and all the Mythbusters.
unglaublich :p
Do you happen to know what their beef with the school programs was exactly? Evilution?
I figure that the attitude of a german religious school can't be that anti-christian...
If I caught it correctly it's more "violence and deterioration of Christian values within the school" than special educational topics (btw. evolution is undisputed as a topic, a minister for education of Hassia shot herself out of her political career by endorsing creationism last year).
So they say.
Germany has religious education in almost all grades and classes, you can step out of it and chose "ethics" where it's offered, and some of the ex-GDR states don't even offer religious education but only "ethics" (a campaign to re-introduce compulsory religious education in Berlin failed vigorously last year) but the large churches - catholic and protestant - dominate the scene.
Evangelical Christians tried to get a foothold within the educational system several times within recent years, but so did Muslims.
Oh, I see, danke.
Your system looks actually quite like ours (I'm italian)
That depends, John … many of the better schools are run by churches (talk about funding), and some of them are quite tough concerning religion classes (specially those held by nuns and monks).
Probably not only that.
Even here in Italy there's quite a wide spectrum between different schools.
My experience is probably similar to the one your student had (booooring) but friends of mine who went to e.g. catholic colleges had their share of religion (classes, early morning mass, etc) plus lot of teachers were priests or nuns...

ETA: college in the sense of school maintained by the clergy, not university
We had some peaceful nuns teaching religion, and the sleep was quite healthy, until a rabid acolyte entered the scene and put me out of indifference and into the ranks of the atheists. The same happened to lots of my schoolmates. Always look at the bright side …
Even in the United States, homeschooling has test standards that must be met.

If the faithful were truly faithful, there are any number of third world, wartorn countries that won't care about test standards or if you homschool or school at all. Of course, God will protect you from all the famine and war going on around you.

If you're truly faithful.




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