Every year New Humanist magazine opens the polls to decide who will receive the prestigious Bad Faith Award. Each year, the person deemed by the voters to have made the most outstanding contribution to the cause of unreason. 2008's winner who, with 33% of the vote, was the hands-down victor in a field of nine contestants, was Alaska governor and vice-presidential nominee, Sarah Palin.
More here (including the list of this year's nominees and how to cast your vote).

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What! No Bill Donohue?
Unfortunately, while anybody can read it, New Humanist is a UK publication and their outlook tends to be a wee bit parochial. Of course that can't be said about us in America, can it? (What? There's more to the world than us and whoever we're bombing? Really?)
Very Euro-centric field.
Euro-centric? I'd bet the average Aussie is more familiar with these names than the average continental European.
Even with a narrowly focused selection it's a pretty tough choice. Though, I'm not sure about Karen Armstrong. Until relatively recently she wasn't that unreasonable. Her last few books seemed to have been some sort of turning point for her, not for the better.
As of the last time I looked, the Pope was in the lead with the British Chiropractic Association in hot pursuit. Coming down the stretch was Tony Blair followed neck and neck by Harun Yahya and Anjem Choudary. Karen Armstrong was bringing up the rear but still has time to make her move.

Yes folks, it's still anybody's race. Bets are still being taken and, if you like playing the long shots, Karen Armstrong is paying 50-1.




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