Newt Gingrich, like so many of the GOP before him, once again lying & demonizing minorities to boost his fan base.


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Err, the story isn't coming up for me.  Anyone else having problems with this one?
I couldn't get the page to load either.   Newt is once again showing he is a moron.

Sorry about that, this should work.


Newt Story

Okay, and I just read the story.  You're right, that is completely fucking insane.

They had a link to politico through the news article and I saw this gem:

"Gingrich said he hadn't intended to fight another political battle, and was looking forward to relaxing in private life after leaving public office. But in 2002, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the phrase "under God" in the pledge of allegiance was unconstitutional (the ruling was later overturned).

"I had been watching the courts grow steadily more secular and steadily more anti-religious starting with the 1963 school prayer decision," he said. "But for some reason this particular decision struck me as so blindingly stupid, so profoundly un-American."

Hey Newt, do us a favor and go back to private life. I hate having to live in this country with old white men calling anything challenging to their ideals as "un-American." This is America, land of the free home of the brave, we have rights. Boy the world is gonna change in the next 20 years when people like yourself move on from this plane of existence to your "heaven."
Hey, who knew there were worms in heaven?  :-D
Or newts.

Aren't newts slimy creatures who live under rocks?  His mother must not have liked him much.  Or it was a family name and he comes from a long line of slimy creatures who live under rocks. 

I didn't get the memo. When did we form an alliance with radical Moslems?  I'm embarassed, I don't even know any of their names.
Look for the guys named Mohamed  That'll be them.




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