Ever wonder whatever happened to the God of the Old Testament? You know, the god that talked out of burning bushes and out of clouds; the God that the world felt his vengeance every few years. Well, he is now a cheerleader and a fan of the practical joke. That whole birth, death and resurrection really gave ole God a real sense of humor. I mean, how can we deny this? The proof is in the tasty meat treat.

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I never heard of anyone cooking salami... I smell a hoax.

On a side note, I'd still eat it... on potato bread, with spicy mustard and pepper jack cheese. mmmmmmmmmm...
Of course it's a hoax, but the news is reporting it.
A yummy hoax.
It says GOO as far as I can see.
Fried salami for breakfast for the past 20 years, I bet she is slim and healthy.




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