I'm sure we've all seen the Atheist Nexus front page video showing Glen Beck bashing the decision regarding the moment of silence in Illinois.

Here was the email I sent to the email addresses provided. I recommend you all to send your thoughtful remarks to Fox and Glen Beck. In the words of The Dude, "this aggression will not stand." Seriously, though, this guy is out of hand.


To Whom It May Concern at Fox:
Glen Beck’s rant over the decision in Illinois was appalling. Instead of reporting on the issue and discussing the controversy surrounding the meaning of ‘separation of church and State’, he simply put forth his own bigoted, spiteful opinion. If an anchor ranted against some religion that represents more than ten percent of the nation, he would be fired after agitation by your core viewers and by the very strong theist lobby. The non-believers of this country represent at least ten percent of the nation and the mocking and discrimination by Beck was simply wrong. It was embarrassing for a network news program whose rather suspect motto is “Fair and Balanced”.


Mike Hein
South Carolina

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They might as well have eliminated the rest of the pledge after "under god".
I doubt we'll ever get a response but hey! a miracle may happen:)
I'd love to see Matt Dillahunty debate Glenn Beck.
Here's a video of TheAmazingAtheist commenting on yet another Glenn Beck rant. Here's a quote from TheAmazingAtheist at the end of his response video:
“So my contention is , Glenn, that you and your ilk are a bunch of god damned spineless cowards who are afraid to have any kind of real debate on things because you just want to put the stamp of majority rules on every issue because you have the delusional belief that because you’re in the majority that means you’re correct.
Reality is not based on consensus Glenn. Just because 90% of people believe something or 99% of people believe something or a 100% of people believe something that doesn’t mean it’s the truth.”----- TheAmazingAtheist




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