Ide like to know EXACTLY what you thing about these two stunning individials! :) I have had little progress in trying to like them due to the fact of there shows getting more and more stupid and pro church. How is it with allll the people on here we dont have at least ONE channel in america!!!.. OHHH and other question like many establishments is there any way to donate to the nexus or any atheist organization that is very active and can it be written off on your taxes?

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There's a huge, green button to the right of the message I'm typing right now.


Other good groups that will make good use of your money are the Freedom From Religion Foundation ( and the Society for Creative Anachronism ... err, wait, I mean the Secular Coalition for America (  I get those two confused all the time.  Plenty of others, too.  I'm sure other people will pop in with a few.


Oh, and Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly are assholes.  If they're not dishonest, then they're aggressively stupid or ignorant.  Pick your poison.

but my main question is are they a write off like the churchies get all the time? and yeah i cant stand them two, one of my friends praises them and has their books... ugg
I think they are.  It should say on their websites, in the donation sections.

They are both idiots. Why would you even try to like them? lol.


I actively donate to the Secular Coalition for America ( I have no idea if that's a write-off though since they are a lobby.


I'm positive that Foundation Beyond Belief is a write-off. I also donate to them monthly. They sponsor ten non-religious charities per quarter and you can allocate your donation according to categories that are most important to you. It's a great organization!

Bill O'Rilly thinks because he doesn't understand why we have tides, or sunrises it's evidence of a magical super being. Ta Da!


Glen Beck is an endless source of idiocy to vast for me to even begin to describe.


The fact that either one of them has any credibility highlights the intellectual dishonesty and laziness of a wide swath of the American population. 

The only thing i can think of when i see those two idiots is "ignorance" and "doom," I myself have attempted to sit down and digest what they have to say, there were moments were i wanted to just laugh at them, and moments were i wanted to vomit all over them.


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