On October 20, Glenn Beck told the audience of Premiere Radio Network's The Glenn Beck Program, why he doesn't believe in evolution. You can hear him by clicking on the video... and listen while he gets graded on logic.


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Heavy sigh.
I honestly doubt he believes in half of what he says as long as it makes money and increases his notoriety.
What Glenn Beck believes is unimportant. What he gets others to believe (and act on) is.
True, but his audience is already pre-disposed to believe this lunacy. If it wasn't for him, it might be someone more intelligent/manipulative/persuasive, etc, spouting out this same crap. At least with Glenn, almost all rational minded people know he is a dbag.
I believe Glenn Beck would believe just about anything he was paid to believe. He just one more nutcase allowed a bully pulpit, and is making a fortune doing it. The Tv has had a pant load of conservative loons since I was a small boy Joe Pine, Morton Downey Jr, it's just that Fox has a stable of right wing loons.
You remember Joe Pyne? Whoa, that dates you. Pyne's been dead 40 years.

Glenn Beck is proof that Stephen Colbert was correct:

A few weeks ago he interviewed the band DEVO and the subject of "de-evolution" came up, and Colbert said he couldn't believe in it because he didn't believe in "evolution", but that he did believe in the idea of Intelligent Decline.
(the video for the segment was no longer available on the website)



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