Glenn Beck rants Loughner being an atheist, as part of why he's a madman and the shooter.

Dear Friends, 


Recently, on Fox News, Glenn Beck exclaimed Jared Loughner as being a madman, and as proof, gave “evidence” of this due to his being an atheist, among other items.   


He led into this rant with words and photos of terrorists and mass murderers, and then set up his list of evidence among which “atheist and 9/11 Truther” were written to support his argument. 


Mr. Beck says: "All evidence points to (Jared Loughner)...was severely mentally disturbed, his belief system wasn't even rational...he was an atheist who believed George W. Bush was responsible for 9/11...cited the Communist Manifesto as one of his favorite books...these are not the opinions of a coherent individual...."


This was all presented by Mr. Beck in one segment and taken all in the context of who the some of  most dangerous people in our society are.  Among them, Jared Loughner, now inducted into this hall of infamy whose other members include Timothy McVeigh, and the D.C. Sniper. 


He doesn’t blame all the atheists in the U.S. for driving Loughner to his deeds, but attributes his alleged acts to his being an atheist.   In effect informing millions of viewers, that it’s people who don’t believe in God(s) who are like Loughner and McVeigh and the D.C.Sniper. 


In another segment, Mr. Beck asks the nation to stand with him and stand against violence and the language that surrounds it, yet on the other hand he made bigoted remarks against over 6 million people in the U.S., all atheists.


It is likely there are many more atheists in the U.S. that these offensive remarks are targeting. Six million is a conservative figure of 2% of a 300 million population.   This doesn’t count the millions of Americans who are agnostic and otherwise secular who could be atheists in all but name. 


Glenn Beck is a prominent figure in the mainstream media.  He is on a prime time cable news network, he has a radio show, is a published author whose books are in bookstores and grocery stores across the U.S.  He also has an online show.    He and the Fox News network have a responsibility to report the facts, and refrain from bigoted remarks.  He, and they failed in this case.    


Even if Jared Loughner was an atheist, which we don’t know yet, it cannot be a contributing factor to his alleged actions.  To make that assertion is to say that well over 6 million Americans who are atheists are all one step away from snapping and going on a mass murder spree. 


This language creates culture of paranoia, fear and mistrust of one of the largest, most productive, charitable, and socially active segments in America. 


I ask Glenn Beck to reconsider his remarks.  In addition, I ask Glenn Beck to show his support of those murdered and stand with the thousands who will stand together against the Westboro Baptist Church’s antics in the upcoming funerals in Tucson, Arizona.  Will he walk his talk and join those in Tucson, or continue to make bigoted remarks from the comfort of his studio on the other side of the nation?


I ask all good Americans to condemn his remarks and take on Fox News for allowing this kind of damaging language on their network. 


Link to the Video is:


Thank you for your time,


Paul Mitchell


Texas Freethought Convention

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My response to the accusation that Loughner is an atheist is that it is not true. No atheist believes he or she has supernatural powers. A schizophrenic that believes she/e has supernatural powers believes that he/she is a god. 


He believed he was a god himself. He is a theist. Part of his anger was that the government put "In God we Trust" on our currency. He decided that he could create his own money and he believed he was a god. 

Its pretty interesting to think that god might be pissed off at have "in god we trust" on our currency. Isn't that idolatry?

Uhh, where are the quotes for that?  Nothing I've read indicates that he thought he was a god, and I missed the money part.  Where is that from?


And I don't agree at all with your first paragraph.  You get plenty of spiritualist woo woo types who are all about self-empowerment and giving themselves great spiritual powers.  As long as they stop just shy of actual god claims, they're technically atheists.  Good atheists are skeptics, but alas, not all atheists are.

True, there isn't a clear declaration that he considered himself a god, only ramblings about "mind control." The deity implication would be if he believed he had such powers. If he thought people in general were victims of mind control then I would be wrong about the deity claim.
Wow, yeah, that's some @#$%^& up stuff.  Whoever called him liberal has no clue what the word means.  I still don't see the self-deification part, at least how we normally think of deities, but there was definitely some alternate reality stuff going on in there.
I vaguely remember seeing a quote of his that said "I am God".  I never found it again, though.
Yeah, I can see someone using it metaphorically, though, as a claim of "Look at me and how powerful I am with my pistol ... why no, I'm not compensating for anything with the size of my gun!"

Am I the only one to watch the video?  GB is a douche extraordinaire, and, yes he does call out Atheist in his list, but he recants a bit at the end saying Atheists are not to blame at about the 3:10 mark...  I hate to defend the guy at all, but it surprised me.


I mean yeah, Beck's got a point, but he's an asshole for only blaming things on the individual when it's his team that launched the psycho on his little psycho mission.

I posted the video within minutes of him spewing out his BS.  It's on the Texas Freethought Convention, Facebook page.

He says "atheists" aren't to blame, but he does attribute Loughner's supposed athiesm on why he was the shooter. 

Beck is toxic and panders to the wingnuts. 

Geezus. Beck is such a douche...




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