Mobile Chapels target Truckers

The Christian community is afraid that truckers, while they're making deliveries across the country, will become (gasp) SECULARIZED!!

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Hahahahahahahaha. Oh noes.

Man, if they wanted to improve their reputation from 'foaming white-trash shitkicker church' to the kind of classy chapel people can go into and get seen to by a priest for spiritual troubles, they probably oughta try to do better than a fucking trailer.

Well, sad to say, but this is a good market to go after.  The white-trash market doesn't have a lot of spare cash, but what they have, they'll often gladly throw at their Jesus ... that or pro wrestling.  Hell, televangelists can often pry money that they don't have out of them.

In reality, though, there are a lot of black truckers, nowadays.  The white, rural trucker stereotype is no longer accurate.  Of course, given how religious the African-American population is, on average, that only improves the prospects for the trucker church.

They are making prostitutes uncomfortable!  Who in the hell wants an uncomfortable prostitute?


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