"I didn't know where she was. The only person who knew where she was was God, and I asked him, and he led me directly to her, straight -- well, as straight as you can go through the swamp."


Of course.




Sorry bout that! 

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Do you mean Rolling On Floor Laughing? Sorry, I don't know computerese
You got it Joan!
God people will find a miracle in anything. It will be a miracle if they find their keys in time to make it to work on time.
It's a miracle if they can indeed find their ass with both hands.
She said she went for a nature walk and simply got lost. If she had just gone for a nature walk she certainly wouldn't have started out in very dense vegetation. If she later got lost why would she have decided to go into very dense vegetations instead of taking courses that should have been available involving much less vegetation? Maybe she went into the dense vegetation to say hello to the alligators and then got lost.
OF course, god thought the other searchers weren't worth bothering with, because .... um... he might get confused or something.
I guess people just aren't praying hard enough for all of the other missing children.
Either they weren't paying enough, or other lost children aren't worthy of being found?!
Oops, I should have said Either they weren't praying enough ...
Well, I thought "paying" enough made sense, so I didn't think you had made an error. ROFLMAO.
Glad you weren't confused. By the way, I just discovered Wiktionary Now I have two Internet slang words. Thanks.



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