God Told Him to Kill My Family and Me! A Death Threat at Proud Atheists

I have received this threatening comment in response to this blog article, Our First Anniversary. The spam blocker caught this comment. That's why it's not in the article comments. However, this person has sent harassing replies which are in my Hate Comments page on the upper right under the Proud Atheists banner.

Christian kindness is just bubbling out of this dumb fundy.


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Wow!!! That's all I can really say.
I'll post this in some other news groups. This guy sounds seriously sick. I hope you've reported this to your local police force for your own safety!
Hey, it's not just Christian haters we have to watch out for.

I was stalked by a militant messianic atheist* a few years back--had to report HIS ass to the FBI, too.

* I kid you not. On his web-site, he claimed to stand for truth and justice and promised to "out" anyone who revealed the slightest amount of hypocrisy in any of their words or actions. He also claimed that he died by drowning when he was a teenager, and willed himself back to life.




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