Google is the closest thing to an Omniscient (all-knowing) entity in existence, which can be scientifically verified.


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Well it is. It's verified by the number of cretins on social networking sites that think profiles marked "private" actually are, and get outraged when reality sets in.
Is that a prerequisite for godhood? Out of 2850 deities referenced by GodChecker (funny site, btw!), only 370 are more or less related to the creation of something.
Well it might be all seeing. But if you search "evidence of evolution" and the 2nd link is I wouldn't call it all knowing.
Google Apologetics would tell us that this is the Devil (Bing) at work in Google's creation.
Hail the all-seeing, if not all-knowing, eye of google.
Lacking a bit in the omnipotent category though, wouldn't you say? And it isn't all knowing or all seeing because it can't see into the future.

Funny nonetheless.
"because it can't see into the future."

Aren't we picky :)
You can't prove that Google can't see the future.


Google moves in mysterious ways...
You know what I'm searching for! Megga Lottery numbers baby!
Nice April Fools joke there...although I beet Google could actually predict future events simply because it has so much information about current events. All that it needs is a program to actually analyze the info already has. Of course, when we do that, we'll just be begging for a SkyNet event.
How can Google be god since it was created by someone else? Then we should wonder who created Sergey Brin and Larry Page!
Google created them. It's a trinity.




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