GOP candidate claims fossil record proves humans lived with dinosaurs

Frey, a Michele Bachmann ally, testified before the Minnesota Senate Education Committee, speaking against the inclusion of the theory of evolution in proposed state science education standards.

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When you can't check his facts, or he doesn't think that you know them, he will lie.
-- Lawrence Krauss (on William Lane Craig)

The same may be said for people like Michelle Bachmann when they have an audience that isn't prepared to call them on their bullshit.  If they think they can get away with it, they will BS their asses off to promote their agendas.

What we need are informed and intelligent people in those audiences who aren't afraid to speak truth to stupid.

*groan*  Why do we have people who don't understand science trying to tell us what should be taught in science classes?

Because the stupider their audience is, the more BS they can shovel at them.

After all, it's just a "theory". amiright? I'm more than happy for them to test the "theory" of gravity.

Or maybe they can ask the survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki about the theory of relativity.



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