Robert Riddle, thanks you for this site. Some of USA efforts and money feed a dangerous ideology that seeks to demonize L.G.B.T. people and intensifies religious rhetoric until it results in violence. It is important for USA congregations hold their churches accountable for what their money does in Africa.

‘Gospel of Intolerance’

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Thanks for the link Joan - checking it out now.

And that's why you shouldn't eat at Chick-Fil-A.  They give a lot of money to groups who are involved with this sort of thing.  It's bad enough that they give money to groups opposing gay rights in this country.  But many of those same groups are trying to pass laws to actually kill gay people in Africa.

I feel disgusted to the core. I wish there were a god who would send them to hell and open up a line of communication with those still alive and acting like depraved beasts.  

Right Joseph I made a discussion on the homophobic Chick-Fil-A president. I boycott them myself. No one should eat at a restaurant owned by bigots.

Steph, you give such loyal support to people and critters who need our efforts to correct some terrible wrong. I admire and respect you. Thanks. 

Yeah, if I could do it without giving them money to contribute to influencing governments to execute gay people, I'd be all for it.  I'd be sure to share what I was doing with the employees, as well.

Joseph, you write correctly. It is beyond my understanding how people can grow up in this country with the values we claim to have and then incite hate and intolerance. We need to keep these businesses in mind so we don't support hate with out dollars. Thanks. 

Well, the civil marriage is the only part that really matters, anyway.  After the priest marries you (the generic you; I doubt any of us would be getting married by a priest) at the altar, you're still not married in a way recognized by the state, until the priest files the paperwork for you.  Homosexuals can just cut out the middleman, or go to a Unitarian church or one of the other rare denominations that will marry a homosexual couple.

Just as the first amendment should prevent people from forcing their religion on people, in the form of marriage bans, it also prevents the state from forcing those religious people to acknowledge the marriage through their church.

Yeah, well, I'm gonna go have my own marriage!  With blackjack!  And hookers!

Yeah, would be nice if we could have that happen here.  Alas, legislating same-sex marriage in this country, at the federal level, is pretty much impossible.  It's going to have to come from the Supreme Court.

I think we need an openly homosexual(M or F)on the supreme court. thats the only way.

An open LGBT atheist as one of the justices!

(We can dream....)

I hope wise, courageous people stand up for same-sex marriage!


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