Featuring the recent Absolut Vodka commercial and the Swedish House Mafia.

Human potential to this very day is still uncharted to a fascinating degree. With such a high threshold of creativity, one might wonder why our society is soooo far off from materializing these concepts.

One also must take into consideration the many variables that have proven to be constricting possibilities for evolution, of which are socially acceptable factors of everyday life.

***Warning, a discussion about Modernized Religion***


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What an arresting futuristic fantasy. Plausible and visually stunning. It makes the adults look silly, superficial, and spoiled, as if life could be all about alcohol and costumes.

High stakes cyborg races will definitely replace outdated pageantry like the Kentucky Derby. If the makers of Absolut Vodka actually decide to sponsor the event, it would be a bonus for all mankind.


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