No, it isn’t the second coming. But, if you saw a man carrying a cross Jesus-style this week along Route 1A, you weren’t seeing things.

A man named Tom Helling is walking from Maine to Mexico carrying a giant, wooden cross, in much the same way it’s believed Jesus carried one, except Heller’s rolls on wheels attached at the back. He’s created such a buzz, you can track his journey through the police logs, at least here in the Northeast. [More...]

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So, let me get this straight...Helling's sign from god resulted in him quitting the booze and carrying out a transcontinental walk with a human-sized cross? Now assuming this god creature exists, isn't making somebody imitate the way your 'son' was tortured a bit sick and twisted? Or am I missing something here?
You're surprised that the Christian god is sick and twisted?
I was told in college by a history teacher that the practice in those times was to have the prisoner carry a beam across the shoulders that was lifted up and set on top of a pole at the crucifixion site. I just thought it was interesting but my mother said that he was a communist and was very upset about it. (This was in 1964.) I'm sure there was no mention of wheels however ;-)
What a wimp! Wheels! Padding! 2x4 timber! Phah! I've seen the accurate historical document, Monty Python's Life of Brian, the crosses where much larger and heavier than that one.

This is blasphemy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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