Halloween is 'dangerous' says the Pope as he slams 'anti-Christian' festival

The Vatican attempted to put a brake on the growing popularity of Halloween yesterday, branding it anti-Christian and dangerous.

The condemnation follows criticism from Catholic bishops who this week urged parents not to let their children dress up as ghosts and goblins.

The Vatican spoke out on the eve of tonight's ritual which falls before the significant Catholic holy day of All Saints.


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Is there anything this numbnuts likes? Other than kiddie diddling priests that is.
I think it's funny that they want to "be aware of this and try to direct the meaning of the feast towards wholesomeness and beauty rather than terror, fear and death'." as if their god of the bible didn't invoke terror, fear, and death on every other page, create hell and all the demons in it, etc, etc, etc. How can they not see the irony?
"Catholic bishops who this week urged parents not to let their children dress up as ghosts and goblins"

I think tey should be the last people giving advice about children.
The Landover Baptist must be having a field day with all these articles.
It surprises me that a religion that has successfully incorporated every other pagan holiday couldn't think of anything to do with Halloween but condemn it.
I guess they just don't like witches.
They tried to incorporate it with the Day of the Dead and All-Saints day, and it worked in a lot of places, just not majorly in the United States.
Am I crazy, or are The Day of the Dead and All-Saints Day a Catholic holidays? I'm sure they weren't placed on the 1st and 2nd of November to try and take over Halloween.

They are just pissy that we haven't taken their versions over the secular one. Boo hoo, let us all cry them a river.
I just figured out the difference. Our Halloween is FUN. They don't like fun.
Or perhaps more to the point, unlike Solstice or Spring rebirth and renewal festivities, the Church hasn't quite figured out how to hijack Halloween and make it Xian again.

As soon as they do, Halloween will be as sacred, Christian, and absolutely original and all their idea as any other Co-opted Pagan holiday.
I could dress up as Zombie Jesus if you think it would help.



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