A solution has been found for the separation of church and state argument over a 20 foot cross formerly on public property in Monterrey, California... And for a change, almost everyone seems happy about it. (more here)



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That's a shame that they removed a historical artifact like that. Think about the "Christ the Redeemer" statue overlooking Rio de Janeiro, the obelisks and Edomite alter at Petra, or the Buddha statues that the Taliban destroyed in Afghanistan.
when i saw the pic, i thought you were making a funny by saying "Happy ending" hha

The fact that the culprit has not been found.. makes me wonder if their isn't a atheist Robyn hood, out their..... makes me wonder..
I'll do what one of my Christian blog commenters does every time I report on an atheist billboard being vandalized: blame the victim. He always says something to the effect of, "I wouldn't put it past you evil atheists to have vandalized your own sign just so you could blame us and get more publicity!"

Turnabout being fair play, I can think of why a Christian might have wanted to vandalize that cross. The city council was contacted about the cross by the ACLU a year before all this took place. They'd already lost a lot of money in an earlier 1st Amendment go-around with the ACLU and knew they'd lose this one too. Maybe cutting down the cross anonymously was an ideal way out: No expensive lawsuit with the ACLU and no blame from their constituents for not standing up to the ACLU. Best of all, they get to look good by doing a lot of breast-beating about law 'n order and godless vandalism.

It's diabolical, but it's also a win/win/win all the way.

Not that I'm saying this happened, of course (heh, heh!).
your right it is a win win for them! and say some one were to try to vandalize the cross again now that its on private property, their would be hell to pay! not that they would use that word.. in public at least



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