Harold Camping apologizes (sort of) for last year's failed Rapture prediction

Family Radio has published a letter from Harold Camping admitting his predictions were wrong and asking for forgiveness...

...but not from the people he mislead; some of whom lost jobs, homes, life savings, were alienated from friends and family or, in a few cases, committed suicide

More here.

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Someone needs to explain to Camping that making people aware of your holy book ... then having them laugh at it ... is not the sort of first-time exposure that you want people to have.


On second thought, don't explain that to him.  He's doing a great job.

Excellent point.  We really could keep this up for a while:

  • Camping makes yet another dumb-ass prediction
  • Atheists and others point out how fallacious and generally simple-minded it is
  • Onlookers and listeners who may have been on the fence about atheism begin to get off said fence in our favor
  • Da capo, sine fine!

I'd like to also emphasize the point that Christians like Camping don't really care about people -except as targets for conversion. That was one of the main things that struck me about his apology. He says nothing at all about the harm he caused to the people that believed him. He only asks forgiveness from God.

Of course, this odd disconnect from the real human consequences of his activities isn't that hard to explain. He's just following the lead of a god who is willing to consign the vast majority of humanity to eternal torment simply for not returning the divine "love" in the prescribed manner.

That too is worth pointing out.




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