Harold Camping isn't giving us any end dates for 2012

I just think it's ironic that Harold Camping, a man who has predicted the rapture three times, isn't jumping on the whole 2012 bandwagon.

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That's good news -- glad he gave up on that.

Well, the guy took at least three cracks at it (1994, 21 May, 2011 & 21 October, 2011) and he was 0 for 3.  It may be that he has just enough intelligence to recognize when to quit while he's (not) ahead!

It's the "wrong religion" for him - Mayan mythology not Xtian superstition. But I'm afraid that Atheism has lost one of its best (albeit unintended) advocates. I'll miss him.

Perhaps it was professional courtesy...

Maybe he's too egotistical to join any predictions made by someone else.

The article says he's rethinking the whole thing...it's a miracle! Some people keep being more convinced of the end of the world after every wrong prediction.




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