Home again after recovering from a stroke in June, Harold Camping, California's own prophet of doom, is back and issuing new pronouncements about the end of the world on October 21. Undeterred by the non-appearance of the Rapture that he predicted for May 21 (He still insists that May 21 was Judgment Day, but that it happened in Heaven and not here on Earth), the 90-year old Camping is convinced that the true end is only two weeks away.


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Pretty sure I had read that his stroke killed him.  I'm either wrong in thinking that he's dead, or he's holding up pretty well for a zombie.

holding up pretty well for a zombie.


If he's not a zombie he's as close as a living human can get to looking like one. - without extensive makeup.

(he would be a great Halloween costume )

He started announcing that within a few days of the failed prediction. The "rapture" was spiritual and the end will actually come October 21st.
So, what's his excuse going to be this time?
I have this feeling that he thinks he will pass away on the 21st, or maybe even have it planned, and that followers will claim he was saved. Or people forget that he made those claims in the first place.

The news today says that he has announced that it might be a "quiet" event not readily obvious to most people.

Hmmm...  When is the end of the world not the end of the world?

What the fuck?
I second that what the fuck.
Maybe he's forgotten the other occasions.  The good thing about dementia is that every day really is a new day, the previous day, even the previous 10 minutes, having been erased.  Actually that's the bad thing about dementia, but maybe for him it keeps life interesting.
As I've said - it can't happen yet. The Cardinals haven't won the World Series yet! *LOL*
That wont happen this year.




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