Home again after recovering from a stroke in June, Harold Camping, California's own prophet of doom, is back and issuing new pronouncements about the end of the world on October 21. Undeterred by the non-appearance of the Rapture that he predicted for May 21 (He still insists that May 21 was Judgment Day, but that it happened in Heaven and not here on Earth), the 90-year old Camping is convinced that the true end is only two weeks away.


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I am pretty sure there is a party scheduled for the 22nd.
Yep, as part of that party I'll be unveiling my newest game; the Rapture Pool.  Just bet a minimum of five dollars and you'll be able to select a future date.  If the date you selected is predicted as the next rapture date by anyone (because Harold Camping is probably gonna die soon) you win the Pool.  And as an added treat, you'll win a second equal amount of money if the rapture actually happens on that date :)
Maybe we should have a pool for when Camping dies.
Last May?
I don't know how this got posted twice. My apologies.
Brother Cramping was senile back in 1994 when he made his infamous prediction of the end of the world then, and did so in a rather thick waste of hard and soft cover print. Family Radio went through a good deal of back-filling over that fiasco, but his hyperCalvinist Lordship lost not an ounce of steam. He's back again, in spades, though not to be proven wrong a second time, he's opted for a third. When this one fails to produce the prophesied rupture...er...Rapture, will the final nail be driven into his own personal cross? Or will the good folks at FR allow him to evolve fully into outright senile dementia? Stay tuned to your favourite Christian radio station for the contrived excuses almost surely to follow. At least the Mayans had the foresight to make their "prediction" a few centuries into the future, so no one of them can be held responsible for failure.

 "Or will the good folks at FR allow him to evolve fully into outright senile dementia?"

Have not the lot of them devolved into dementia of some flavor?

Gee, what to say about all of this?  How about: "Here we go again!!!"

Seriously, this guy needs to be laughed off the stage.  He had 1994 and then this past May.  SOMEONE needs to tell him to his face that he's full of it.  He's had his 15 minutes.

I have to agree here.  Once is a crackpot.  Twice?  Why did anyone pay attention?  A third time?  Shame on anybody who listens.
I guess one should have some life experience in the cult of Fundamentalism in order to grasp the gravity of Camping's rantings. One should "pay attention" because those that follow his brand of Calvinistic claptrap also vote, and they mean you no good whatsoever. Before anyone mistakenly assumes I am speaking from the outside, I spent four decades inside Christianity, half of them as a committed Fundamentalist, a fact for which I have little pride, but a great deal of thanks for the knowledge gained by the experience. So, I have no shame listening to Camping or any other irrational and misguided Christian. Better to know one's enemies than to just rail against them.
Man, that didn't take long. This guy sure is a one-trick pony. This is your brain on religion, people!
October 21?!  Awwww!  This going to spoil my "Happy Birthday to the World" party for October 23rd.  And to think, the planet would have been 6015 years old this month.




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