Who says that old pine tree with the popcorn and candy canes on it is a leftover symbol of pagan religion? Not Boss Creations, a faith-based holiday decor company in Annapolis, MD. No one can mistake their artificial evergreen for anything but a good Christian tree! See? It even has a big glowing cross poking out from it's branches.


More here and no, this is not a Poe or satire from The Onion.





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Are you related to Charlie Brown?
Naw, she just suffers from Peanuts Envy.

Sorry, I couldn't resist. It's so rare that I get a chance to make a Peanuts pun.
Thats my kind of xmas tree!
Even better than the CHRIST-mast tree is the Christian Nation Tree, an artificial tree in red, white and blue with a big gaudy cross in the center.
I wish I thought you were kidding, man. That sounds like an atrocity against taste, if ever there was one.
if i had a say here is what mine would look like:

(yes theres a picture there)
Isn't there a passage in the Bible where God says it's a sin or something to put a tree such as this and a reef in your house during Yule-Tide? Could have sworn there was...

On a further note: We Atheists, should start "preaching" the Bible to Christians. Let's show them how most of their daily behavior is sinful but is just not mentioned to them by their priests, and how it's all bullshit. >:)
Did that once here. A city near me has this big monument pedestal thing where protests are often carried out, and these ones were anti-gay-rights dickhats. So my group - in university, we were basically the loudmouthed atheists - stood near them with Bible verses on signs that pointed out some of the other so-called sins. Haircuts, wearing two kinds of fabric, that sort of thing. Lot of fun, but they had better megaphones than us.
Yeah, good idea. Note to self: Make sure megaphones are better than Christian groups. Besides I love doing that. I'd love to tell those Christians who think the U.S is a Christian nation by reading to them the Ten Commandments, and then the Bill of rights, and show them how the first three commandments contradict the first amendment. You know, God says to only worship him and don't say his name in vein, while the first amendment says worship whatever you want or nothing and say whatever you want.
I was over in MN this summer, and I was kinda blown away by how hard it's thrust into people's faces there. I did do some of the good work while I was over there, though, pointing out that churches being in charge was the kind of situation the first British colonists of the Americas were *fleeing from*.

It was funny to watch a couple of the more indignant relatives of my girlfriend try to get their heads round that one. It was only slightly less funny to tell them that I actually live twenty minutes from the town George Washington was named after, and that there's actually a giant sewage processing plant there now. Sad but true.
Bad taste seems to be a characteristic of the Xtians. This one, however, tops the Jeebus velvet paintings where the eyes appear to follow you (which I always thought to be extremely creepy).


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