He did well. No avoiding the issue, no apologetics. Religion and science are not compatible, and religion has nothing useful to say. I just finished watching the Curiosity episode on the Discovery Channel - and he put it out there - not only is there no use for a god, there was no time for one to create the universe as time itself is a product of the Big Bang. This is big in that it's presented on standard god-bless-american television. Good show, SH.

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I just watched it too!  Awesome!  I knew that would be a good show to watch.
Hmm. I can see my stepdad's retort, now. "God doesn't need time. He's God." For the religious, the G-man always gets the Get Out of Jail Free card, when it comes to not making any sense.

Do any of Discovery's shows end up on iTunes? Kind of hard to watch, all the way from Japan.
Ah yes, it should have immediately occurred to me that "God requiring time" isn't an issue for them. Their entire belief system is in violation of natural laws. As more and more loopholes are closed to religion by scientific discoveries, accommodation becomes increasingly difficult. I think it's one reason mainline congregations are failing and fundamentalism is becoming the dominant force in religion. It's becoming science vs. superstition with a smaller middle ground, a polarization.
I've seen commercials for it, I'm wanting to watch it too. I'll see it tommorow in a rerun.

Yes, Mr. Hawkins did a great job at explaining the mechanics and that no "god" is needed to set events into motion.  


I continued to watch the follow up "discussion" that air just after this episode and found that the issues were being danced around.  The Christian Theologian basically said that "my god can do anything and no amount of evidence will change my mind" - typical.  The other scientists that were guests basically said that science can only explain "HOW and WHY" not "WHO".  


The theologian will have to be shown irrefutable evidence that the belief structure they follow and advocate was made up by humans and not divinely inspired.  This left me with the feeling and reaffirms my understanding that the typical human needs some kind of direction or explanation, to feel worthy to live, and cannot accept that "we are - what we are - no more - less".  

The typical human is us. We are a relatively bottlenecked (genetically) species and I don't think the raw material is that diverse - including our psychology. I'm sure I have roughly the same inclination toward belief and faith, fear of the Others, etc. but credit a childhood environment for allowing me to break free of the ambient superstition. Millions now have this advantage. Our job is to work to keep rational alternatives available to the young - secular public education, free speech, respect for science, etc.  

I saw the show after reading The Grand Design. Great piece! The after show was better. The phsyist from Cal Tech said in no uncertain terms, if your God influences the world the basically that is quantifiable and that is the realm of science. If your God doesn't, then he has no bearing so believe what the hell u want. Great stuff. The theologian made himself look stupid. One moment God is not cuasality and the next he has great effect in things. Just can't get the story straight. The layman lesson on quantum physics was great. Free lunch
Think it'll be on Hulu or somewhere similar?  I don't have cable or satellite.
Yeah, hulu is blocked from where I am. I might just have to wear an eyepatch and walk around on a wooden leg in order to see it.
Looking about the same for me.  I wasn't paying attention and didn't realize that it was a Discovery Network show.  For some reason, they haven't been big on joining the online streaming community.  It won't be up on Hulu or anywhere else legal, most likely.
Maybe someone will upload it to youtube?
That's one of the things I've been hoping for, yeah.  It'll probably get pulled back down for copyright violation, though.


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