He did well. No avoiding the issue, no apologetics. Religion and science are not compatible, and religion has nothing useful to say. I just finished watching the Curiosity episode on the Discovery Channel - and he put it out there - not only is there no use for a god, there was no time for one to create the universe as time itself is a product of the Big Bang. This is big in that it's presented on standard god-bless-american television. Good show, SH.

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In Annie's thread a poster put up some links with the full episode on them. 



I saw those.  Don't those require a torrent program?
Oh, I didn't even pull up the links.  Thanks.  I'll check them out.


its usually a "pay for shit" site but you can download this here.

I have DSL and it took 2.5 hs.

it is in .mkv file format.

I converted just by opening in quicktime pro and just saving to a .mov file.

I dont hav the you tybe power to get this 45min thing up in one piece. any sugestions?

OR just go to that site and download/convert for yo sef!


dclestica is a bthc.


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