Imane Boudlal, employed for the last two years as a hostess at the Storyteller's Café in Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, has filed a discrimination complaint Aug. 18th against the corporation that owns "the happiest place on Earth."


The reason, they have repeatedly sent her home without pay for refusing to remove her headscarf at work. She has made four attempts since Sunday to start her shift while wearing it; the last occasion was on Wednesday after she'd filed the complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity. Boudlal brought reporters and photographers with her to document the scene that time.


But is it really as open-and-shut a case of religious discrimination as it appears?


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It's not religious discrimination until they can point out the head scarf requirement in the Koran. (It's not in there.)
It's not religious discrimination under any circumstances. She took the job knowing the dress code.
It's not religious discrimination until they can point out the head scarf requirement in the Koran. (It's not in there.)

A religion can still follow norms that aren't written in their main doctrine. I'm sure the Qu'ran says something about modesty and that's all it takes for someone to translate that as hijabs or burqas.

That said, it isn't religious discrimination if the job entails a specific uniform and you aren't willing to wear it. If other people are allowed to wear head scarves for other reasons but they tell you you can't wear yours because it's a religious thing, then it's discrimination.
Why did she wait so long?
(This was not meant to be an answer to you Susan. I meant it to be an independent comment. I couldn't move it.)

Effectively, her job involves entertaining. Her role as an actress in this capacity involves being consistent with Disney's image. If she is not willing to wear the costume associated with her role she is not fulfilling her job duties.
Yeah, i can just see this in the context of "sure I was hired to play Mickey Mouse, but I won't wear the outfit because mice are unclean in my religion." That means you can't do the job, so bye.
If she worked for two years without it and then had a change of heart last week then she has no leg to stand on since I'm sure Disney would have had her sign the dress code, just as my company does. If on the other hand she's been wearing it all along and they just now had a problem with it, then Disney has a problem.
Eh, this is Disney. They're very ... detail-oriented. I'm sure she's either a new hire who completely ignored the dress-code rules that she signed, or she's suddenly decided that she has to wear it, after not having done so for a while.
I have to agree with David. The Koran does not specify or require a head scarf, therefore, it is a personal choice or a cultural tradition, neither of which falls under the religious protections of the constitution. My guess is that she's looking for a lawsuit or a financial settlement.
... which is where she completely miscalculated. This is America. We have tons of Christian fundies. I think this will be good for their bottom line if they have a lot of media attention over standing up against this sort of thing. The fundies will love it.


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