‘Historic’ Ruling States That Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Isn’t Sex Ed - Ya Think???

OK, so this isn't strictly speaking atheist news, but it could be a small bite out of religious idiocy.

In a decision that’s being hailed as “historic,” a judge in California has ruled that health classes focusing exclusively on telling students to remain abstinent until marriage fall short of the state’s comprehensive sex ed requirements.

In his opinion, Fresno County Superior Court Judge Donald Black concludes that, given the high rates of sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancy in the U.S., medically accurate sexual health information is “an important public right.”

Black’s decision narrowly applies to about 40,000 students who attend the Clovis Unified School District. However, since his opinion represents the first-ever ruling on California’s decade-old sex education standards, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) — whose legal counsel represented the plaintiffs in the suit — believes it sets an important precedent for the rest of the state.

“This is the first time that abstinence-only-until-marriage curricula have been found to be medically inaccurate,” Phyllida Burlingame, the director of reproductive justice policy at the ACLU, told the San Francisco Chronicle. She added that the ruling should send a strong message to other schools that “young people need complete, accurate health information required by law.”

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Pardon my French, but It's About Fucking Time! [Take the pun or leave it!]  Abstinence-only sex education has such a horrendous track record, it's about time it was officially (governmentally) noticed.  So many of the idiots who promote it seem to be so concerned about honoring the bible.  Do any of 'em care about the kids?!?

That is the pertinent question, "Do any of 'em care about the kids?!?"

Do any of 'em care about the kids?!?

Grinning Cat posted this yesterday in another group, but it's just too good a fit here to forego a repeat:

Sex education? I had to learn the hard way.

>I had to learn the hard way.

So to speak!

Per an article on How Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Is Driving Up STD Rates

South Carolina, where this woman (a 19 year old who got herpes from oral sex because she did not receive proper education) was raised and currently lives, is part of the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) grouping of states consistently boasting the highest rates of STDs, including chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis. The states with the highest STD rates are also those with largely abstinence-only programs. This is not a coincidence: Young people who receive only abstinence-only education tend to engage in riskier sexual health behaviors once becoming sexually active. Southern states report the highest percentage of students having had sexual intercourse prior to age 13; the highest percentage of students who have had intercourse with four or more partners; and the highest incidence of sexual activity without barriers or contraception. 

All that translates, not surprisingly, into higher rates of STD infection.

My understanding is that a lot of the youth who attend these religiously inspired abstinence only classes are doing things after school that would make porn stars snap their legs shut. And, paying the penalty for their parents' desire to promote ignorance.

In answer to the obvious question posed by Loren and Joan - Not only NO, but HELL NO!!!!!

Pat, you have such a way with words. I love how you characterize the states "boasting" the highest STD rates, and "doing things . . . that would make porn stars snap their legs shut" is priceless!

There might be an exception somewhere, but I know of no situation where ignorance is the best option. Certainly not where knowledge of one's own body is the question.


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