Home Invasion Suspects Are Part Of 'The Savior Unit,' Mississippi P...

Two of the group were caught and "are accused of kicking in the door of a residence while wearing bul..."

An excerpt from their operations manual says

T.S.U. is a tactical search team that is faith based. Our purpose is to promote Christ. Obtain offenders who are a danger to society, do community service work for churches and halfway houses, and do security for different functions. Our training is a recon and infiltration, apprehension and retrieval. All team members are taught hand to hand combat skills, para military training and scriptures.

Police don't know the motive for this attack or a string of 18 similar burglaries in the previous week. Anyone want to guess? I suspect the victims were all either not christian enough, or at all, and the group was just following their manual by attacking those they considered to be "offenders who are a danger to society".

This may be a small story in a Mississippi back water, but if I'm right about their motives, it should get some major attention, and the kids some major civil rights prosecutions.

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Great blazing heaps of shite!

That's terrifying.


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