It seems that Texas Governor's best friend (Jesus/God) is not answering his prayers...


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Looks like the Governor needs to try a rain dance -- haha.  We actually hit a record high of 107 the other day and are expected to break another record today.  We broke the record high temperature made in 1923.

do a rain dance on vid and toss it up claiming to help the governor with more inane superstitions.

that ought to kick a bee hive in texas.

then if it rains you can say it wasnt god it was the fuckin raindance.

in reality I feel sorry for the people of texas. it really is a functioning oligarcich theocracy now....but just wait..the rest of the country will soon follow.

either that or we bust out the guillotines and start marching on D.C.


Can you imagine that...!? The Governor and his brainwashed followers doing a rain dance. OMG, that's hilarious!
Maybe god is answering Rick, and telling him to go to hell.

good idea. I just went to the state website and left that very message.

" hay ..ah..rick?...this is god.... ah... go to hell"

I highly doubt he will get it....even if he dose I still doubt he will "get it".


Even though specific events cant be tied to climate change, it does feel like there is more chaos in the weather.  I have to remind myself that Texas had droughts just as bad in the past. 


By promoting prayer rather than coming up with any actual ideas, the governor does a disservice to his citizens.  Maybe they need to work on a desalinization system, or depopulate the drought-prone areas.  There are other oil-rich places that are also deserts.  What do they do?   Probably not the greatest ideas, but prayer costs nothing and does nothing except pander to the superstitious and divert energy from actual working on something that might be useful. 

What was it Mark Twain said about this? Oh yeah, it was "If I owned Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas."




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