English hotel replaces Bibles with "Fifty Shades of Grey"

And the women are reading them while the men who brought them there for the sole purpose of having sex with them are depressed that the book is getting the women hotter than the men are.

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Let me be a succinct as possible:


Have you read Fifty Shades of Grey?  I had a look at it a few weeks ago, and the writing is HORRIBLE.  It is so bad that it is worth checking out.

Is it worse than the Song of Solomon?  And while we're at it, what is Iron Age pornography doing in the bible, anyway???

The mention of Song of Solomon took me back 25 years.  The pastor at our booble church did a series of sermons on SoS.  But only couples could attend.  Married couples. 


So it's kinda like the Twilight books?


Oh, I agree 100%.  I think this idea is great.  Especially since the xtians have been talking about how "dangerous" FSoG is.  They say it is getting women hooked on porn.  And if women become as sexually liberated as men, it seems everyone on the planet will run around naked having orgies! 

It sounds better than Gideon, excepting for the bondage and sadomasochism. Can't they select something with healthy sex that's neither derogatory nor violent? Riane Eisler in Sacred Pleasure says that the erotization of violence is a form of Dominator culture oppression of women. Nobody needs coercive control of a sex partner, we're capable of mutual respect.

The book was surely selected because it is a huge bestseller. 

Well, having been in the scene for something over 10 years, I can say that the whole BDSM thing CAN be healthy.  It has been sure as HELL healthy for me [hubba-hubba!] ... as well as those I've played with (and who have played with me!).

Still, it helps to start with two individuals who are themselves healthy to begin with

Good point, Loren.

That's funny! The USA needs to follow suit.




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