The Raw Story reports that Richard Land, of the Southern Baptist Convention (for the time being) testified before the House Judiciary Committee July 14th, quoting Matthew 25:34-40, Leviticus 19:34, Hebrews 13:2 & Micah 6:8 in support of immigration reform. According to the John Grooms of The Clog blog, Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas) countered with a quote from Romans.

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I think this proves all uptight Republicans are sects maniacs.

I'd like to apologise for that pun, though.
I don't believe you really are that apologetic. :)
No apology necessary. I got a chuckle out of it.
This isn't as moronic as the guy from Illinois who argued that Global Warming couldn't exist, because of Biblical passages ... but it's close.
The real joke is on the constituency, they are paying for this non-sense. The only good news being that those engaged in the debate have forfeited the right to complain about the misuse of public funds.
Geez, I don't even like use of the bible in Congress when they are agreeing with me! But at least someone from the jebus crowd is calling bullshit on the use of the bible to beat immigrants down. Kinda refreshing. Predictably, one of the douchebags from my home state had to ruin it.
Then I suggest you write a letter (not an email) to your douchebag.
Refreshing line to hear. More backing for the concept of official news and so forth telling it like it is, I think.

'The populace are turning to their local and state douchebags to make their views known.'

Along with referring to all suicide bombers, abortion clinic attackers and anyone else who'll harm someone for their beliefs as wankers on national'd be a good couple of starts.
@The Big Blue Frog: OMG! I was about to give you a snarky reply how this guy (Lamar Smith) isn't "my" douchebag. My humble apologies for snark I was about to fling your way :) Anyhoo-I just moved about 10 days ago, so no time like the present to check out just who is representing me now. I'll be damned if it isn't in fact this very douchebag! I believe introductions are in order! I'll be visiting his nearest office next week, delivering my handwritten letter. Much better this way anyway. Douchebag is really the one deserving of my snark--er, disgust.
Unfortunately, my douchebag Senator is the liberal one from my state. It's the idiot from the other half of the state who's screwing things up. We got rid of Jesse Helms a while back, and for the past 8 or 10 years, we've gotten a huge influx to the Raleigh area ... thus, lots of liberals for this Senate district. The Representative in the House, for the Raleigh area, has pretty much always been a Democrat.
Senators don't have districts, like Representatives, do they? I was under the impression (from high school civics class) that both your Senators are YOUR Senators.

Write him a letter anyway. It will provide some balance to all the "confirmation" letters he's getting telling him how great a job he's doing. It won't help in this House dispute, but it may help in the future, if this extends beyond the HoR.
Nope. Each Senator from a state represents half of that state. I only elected Kay Hagen. I had nothing to do with the other guy.


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