Kay Staley is no stranger to fighting local governments. In 2003 she sued Harris County, Texas, claiming its display of a bible monument in the courthouse was a violation of the constitutional separation of church and state. In 2006, after a 3 year battle, the US 5th District Court of Appeals agreed with her and ordered the monument removed. Now Kay Staley has filed a federal lawsuit against the city of Houston, alleging that the city council's long-standing practice of saying prayers before meetings also violates the Constitution.
"Just because it always has been doesn't make it right," said Staley in an ABC Eyewitness News interview. "There are lots of people who feel exactly the same way I do. Most people are afraid to come out and say anything because of their jobs or their friends."

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Way to go Kay!
Good for her. Why can't she run for State Senator?
In Texas??? Because she wouldn't stand an ice cube's chance in Hell of winning, probably.
I know. That was a rhetorical question. :)
"Most people are afraid to come out and say anything" - openly.

I think we might be surprised at the amount of support an openly atheist candidate could get. So long as their positions on the issues are well thought out, you can get votes. All those "afraid" people, won't hesitate a second to express their opinion in the anonymity of a voting booth. The evidence suggesting that result, is the increasing success of openly gay candidates.

Success won't come easily or quickly, but it won't come at all if it is not attempted.
I just wish there was an email address for her.
You can probably contact her thru her lawyer, Randall Kallinen. Googling his name will get you his website address.
That last line speaks volumes of the need to "speak out" in the public arena. But not only speak, act rationally and creatively. . .and a little humor doesn't hurt.
I was at a Burnet County (TX) commissioners meeting recently and they opened with a prayer. Even though I was in Burnet (county seat with same name as county) I found it odd. I didn't bow my head during so I could notice that I was the only one. Even my boss did (bow and say amen). I don't know her religious beliefs and don't need to, but I actually thought she was smarter than that. She always seems so rational on work related issues.

I said the pledge of allegiance (silent on the 'under god' line, c'mon) but didn't say the Texas allegiance. Not a native Texan, so don't know it. But I think it has a god reference too.

I'm with you Kay. Keep up the good fight!!

So how hard is it going to be in this state to get prayers banned from government meetings? We need to get other religious people (non-Christians because you know that's what all the prayers were) to demand their prayers be said too. Not every so often but every time. First the christian prayer, then the Islam, then the Hindu, then the Westboro Baptists, then the hare krishna, then....then it gets to the point where it's no longer worth it and they just do away with it altogether.
Awesome woman. I wonder how we can give her support.


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