Some of the Blasphemy Day (Sept. 30) Events:


-an art exhibit at the Center For Inquiry in Washington, DC;
-a Blasphemy-Fest! at CFI Los Angeles that featured a talk about free speech followed by three provocative films;
-supporters worldwide were encouraged to take up The Blasphemy Challenge ( by uploading their denials of faith to YouTube. A typical recording: "Hi, my name is Ray and I deny the Holy Spirit. (pause) No lightning. Maybe next time." It has nearly 1 million views and 1,500 video responses so far.
-a Speaker's Corner, modeled after the famed soapbox in London's Hyde Park, and a Blasphemy Challenge at CFI Toronto;
-a blasphemy contest held by CFI International, in conjunction with its Campaign for Free Expression, in which participants were invited to submit phrases, poems, or statements that would be, or have been, considered blasphemous. Winners received T-shirts and mugs printed with their winning phrases.
There was also a Campaign for Free Expression Video Contest "which asked contestants to submit short videos in the form of a public service announcement that addresses the importance of free expression." The winning video (which was awarded a $2,000 grand prize) was announced today (Oct.1) and can be accessed from this article (left column towards the top).
More here.

"Silly rabbit. Myths are for kids" (Blasphemy Day art)

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Celebrate? Damn! How did I miss blasphemy day?
Not a problem. You can blaspheme anytime. I know I do.
I must have blasphemed at some point in all those arguments I had with Muslims.
Yeah, a lot of people just blaspheme all the time, usually without realising or intending. Screw it. ^^

On the other hand, that picture is frightening.
Well, I do indeed blaspheme daily. But I'd have made a point to be especially blasphemous on the 30th.
Everyday is Blasphemy Day for me!
I went out of my way to ensure my blog was filled with more blasphemy then normal, but that is difficult.




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