"Young women who receive the vaccine for the human papillomavirus (HPV) are no more likely to engage in sex or risky sexual behavior than women the same age not vaccinated, according to a CDC study..."   any more  than "people who get the flu shot are... inclined to rub their eyeballs into a doorknob than people who don't get the flu shot"

This is important because HPV causes cervical cancer, throat cancer, and anal cancer.  In women and men.    Some christians don't want these vaccines to be used, feeling either that the vaccines will lead to romps in the hay, and/or the kids deserve the cancers as retribution for their sexual sins.  

Evil christian demigogue Michelle Bachmann claimed that HPV Vaccine "ravages girls" which make it sound like Fabio in a romance novel, trying to create a bogeyman wedge issue to demonize rick Perry and gain votes from him.  Actually, he did have some suspicious conflict of interest when he promoted the vaccine in Texas, but Bachmann misrepresented the vaccine as posibly causing "mental retardation."  

But I think for many parents, the concern is more, will being vaccinated lead to more sexual openness.  The apparent answer is "no".

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I have a friend who had cancer of the tonsils at around 50. The pathology suggested that the cancer was an HPV related type. Somewhere along the road he probably dined at the wrong "Y" if you get my drift. Had he had the vaccine many years ago, he probably would have been spared the couple of years of pain he went through, at least he survived.

As to our recently departed Christopher Hitchens, without knowing the details of his case you wouldn't know for sure, but it is entirely possible he was also felled by an HPV related throat cancer, and might have been spared had a vaccine been available years ago.

Hopefully soon, the CDC and the AMA will revise the recommendation to include males, and to open the age bracket up to all those of a sexually active age.

Joe, thank you for your comments.

I guess we both need to read Hitch-22.  Maybe time to click on the amazon link....

70% of throat cancers are caused by HPV.  The American Academy of Pediatrics added the HPV vaccine to its list of recommended vaccines for boys.

Cancer is the best medicine for kids who want to have sex!  Seriously though, as I've said before, if HPV was a virus that made boy's dicks fall off, parents would be lined up to get their boys vaccinated.  Cervical cancer?  Deal with it, slut.

Now, do we think this will actually cause any change in the religious right's agenda?

If there's any indication from studies of which sex-ed is more effective...NO, of course they will act exactly the same.

HPV vaccine does not lead to teen promiscuity? Aww... Scratch my idea for using it to aid my evil seductions.



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